Brooklyn Art Project

I'm deliberately not expecting a lot of myself with this project, for several reasons, the main one being that I've never kept a sketch book! I have kept what are probably best called art journals which are a collation of cuttings, scribbles and inspirational photos but even these are intemittant and vary enormously in format/usefulness.

Another reason, that I discovered early on, is that I'm unfamiliar with the texture of the paper in these sketchbooks - it's far smoother than I'd like. There is a learning curve here for me

And finally - I have no plan for the contents, which is so unlike me I should be scared! In fact it brings me back full circle to "I'm deliberately not expecting a lot of myself with this project". I'm just going to see what happens!

The reason for embarking on this project is captured in my final 'Out of office' message from my work e-mail - it says it all!

That's it!                         
Retirement has arrived! 
I'm done, finished, gone!

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