Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Experiment 01/05

© Linda Bilsborrow

This 12" x 12" piece was made using a pack of small silk pieces that I have had for ever, or so it seems. The idea isn't new, the smaller raw edged pieces are machined onto a quilt sandwich. Unfortunately I used an unidentified piece of wadding and the loft is much higher than I expected. I'm not happy about the finished piece but have learned a lot from making it, which is the intention of this experimentation.

The thing I enjoyed most was foiling some of the smaller silk squares using bronze and purple foils. Although it doesn't show clearly in the photo all the foiled squares have different amounts of the two colours bleeding through one another. I WILL use this again.
Then there is the basic motif of a square within a square, with the addition of beads and sequins. I've used this motif before and enjoyed the effect - see the Byland Abbey piece below.
And finally - I've never used a colour wheel before to pick up an accent colour, but as I wasn't working within my comfort zone as far as the colours are concerned this is just what I did. The little bit of turquoise/blue of some of the beads really lifts those areas.

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