Sunday, January 01, 2006


I've noticed that several people are talking about setting goals on their blogs, in particular Idahoe Beauty and Melody Johnson. I don't think it has to do with New Year resolutions, but it has made me think.
I make lists and set myself personal targets at work, but have never done more than carry things round in my head when it comes to stitching. It's as if I've never made any connection between the two. So I'm going to start, not daily 'to do' lists or even weekly goals but 'By the end of this month....'!

So here we go:
By the end of this month I will:

complete my round robin picture block
quilt a wall hanging that has been hanging too long!
complete the cards for the latest postcard swap
(I think I need 12 this time!)

So far I have:
Designed 3
Stitched 1
Completed 1
Oops - need to get a move on!

And as a gentle reminder to myself I need to stop leaving things at the 'nearly finished' stage and push myself a little harder to complete them.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Good for you, Linda. I think you'll be surprised at how it helps, although I'll warn you, setting goals by the month may be too long of a period to be effective. For me, it was too easy to say, Oh, I'll get to that next week, and then before I knew it, the month was gone and things not done.

I can so relate to leaving things at the nearly finished stage - has been a big problem for me the last couple of years. Almost like I'd lose interest after a certain point or lack the energy make complete the last few decisions or details. So I am joining you in trying to put a stop to that!

annabel said...

Have picked up on your blog from AQL. I've had a bit of a problem finishing things myself just lately, but I'm all fired up to start afresh in 2006. Hope we make it!!