Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rushup Edge - Brown Knoll - Jacobs Ladder - Greenlands

8.5 miles exactly - and do my knees know about it! I didn't have knees when I was younger, I'm sure.

A varied walk along Rushup Edge then a bit of fairly dry bog trotting to Brown Knoll. I haven't walked much on NT conserved paths but going down Jacob's ladder was more like going down a steep stone staircase!

This was the view from where we had lunch. I should have taken the photo sooner because the sun had been out all morning. The path in the picture is the stretch of Pennine Way from Jacob's ladder to Barber Booth - easy but boring.

The final stretch, going back up to the Mam Tor carpark at the end of the walk was never going to be a breeze but the path from Greenlands made it as easy and interesting as it could have been. A quick snooze, a bath, a steak and a nice Merlot - and I'm almost back to normal! Might even do some stitching - just to prove that you are reading an 'Artful Quilter Webring' blog!

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Elle said...

Love the photo of the hills and valley.