Monday, May 08, 2006

Other ways

Marion commented - "Who made the law that said you have to piece to get this effect? ...there must be others...

And here is a picture of my favourite! This piece isn't more than 8" x 16" and was made from small pieces of fabric rather crudely stitched to the backing fabric. What I loved then and still enjoy now, apart from the richness of the colour, is the creation of a new fabric. I must do this again!!!

This piece was made as a 'self-portrait' for a panel made be the then, relatively new, yahoogroup -BQL. Called 'Frayed Edges and Loose Ends' the description fits me and the piece equally! (And now you know why I use it as part of my profile!) I always thought that I'd use it in a larger piece but it seems to stand on it's own for me, in spite of the stitching :-) Posted by Picasa

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Elle said...

I like it! And she's right--who said you have to piece it? Experimenting is what art is all about!