Saturday, July 15, 2006

I don't do traditional ......

..... but having been taken shopping to choose some commercial fabric, and having chosen the central cat fabric (I don't 'do' animal prints either!) as a starter piece, I found myself drawn to the idea.

Thanks to my friends on bql, I've found a pattern that I like, decided on a technique, that works and found more of the starry background fabric. All I need to do now is make another 15 blocks!!!!

Left and right sides have been truncated by the scanner! Posted by Picasa


Felicity Grace said...

I think it's fun to do things you don't normally do and find you enjoy them. Traditional blocks are just so satisfying! I like the colours in this and boy! that piecing looks precise!

BTW, Linda, the previous post appears on the screen in HTML.

margaret said...

Only 15 blocks to go ... why then it's already time to think about sashing!

Elle said...

You might not "do" traditional, but I bet you're having fun doing it right now! LOL! That's what counts!