Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At last - something to blog about..

.... and something I want to do again / develop.

This little thing is about 24" square and, no, the edges aren't meant to be straight. I've now learned that putting on a backing softens the deliberately crooked edges!

There is a basic block in here which I have copied from Tommy Fitzsimmons blog. She works in hand-dyes but I had a little pack of 10, 6"x18" fabrics from Ragbags that shouted to be used to try out the block.

I enjoyed using the free cut strips and intend that the next step is to just use strips to create the blocks. I have in mind a photo of field patterns which I must look out!


Anne Wigfull said...

Very nice, Linda. This is the sort of piecing that appeals to me too, the wonkier the better:} Have you seen the Diane Hire Playtime book? Plenty of ideas to adapt in it, every one a wonky one.

Barbara Cheeseman said...

Suits me too, Linda. Nice colours, and placing. But I can't figure the block out! I looked at the source you mention but couldn't see it.