Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's been a funny couple of weeks

Looking over the top of my PC!

Ever since the clocks changed I have struggled to 'get going' and have ended up going in ever decreasing domestic circles. I've some time off work now, so hopefully that will break the cycle.
Probably for the first time since I started stitching, I don't want anything textile related under the Christmas tree - whether this is good or bad I'm not sure. I think it reflects the fact that I know exactly what I want to be doing and it doesn't require gizmo's, books or special fabric ( though I guess I wouldn't say no if a pile of intensely coloured hand dyed fabrics suddenly appeared!!!!!!)

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I know what you mean - maxed out and not in need of additional input. Although, never turn down fabric, even if its not your style - could come in handy in a trade!

I always look forward to someone giving me a quilt related calendar for my studio, but I don't even want that this year. I've looked at what's available and they don't inspire me. So I am on the hunt for something that will. So far, no luck...