Friday, March 23, 2007

Thanks 'anonymous'

I struggle to find ways of replying to comments other than through the blog itself, but I would like to say thank you for both the kind remarks and for opening my mind to other alternatives. Unfortunately the turqouise piece is already in two parts because the idea of turning it sideways hadn't even occurred to me, but just looking at the rotated photo I could see that you had a point!

So here, created quickly and electronically, are two versions of what might have been - it would have been great fun to create tassels that had rough cut pieces of fabric incorporated in them as an alternative texture to the fairly bland surface of the quilt.

This one has the life, the soul, that I was looking for - I was just too cowardly to add more contrast to the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

You're can always 'file the idea' for another project. Follow your muse.(I am 'anonymous' as I don't have a blog.)