Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm in love!!

I asked members of an on-line group to compare the features of image manipulation software. It isn't cheap and I want to know that it can do what I expect! I mentioned two features that I knew I wanted and Mags added colour displacement so that made three! Then Maggie mentioned GIMP - software that I've known about for ages through the day job but not really explored, I'd even downloaded the latest version over Christmas to take another look at. Not only does it have the three features but it is FREE!!!! It will certainly keep me going for a while whilst I get to understand which features are likely to be important to me. For instance using the TIF January colour theme I managed this displacement activity very quickly:

Not the most appropriate colour scheme I know - but the potential is amazing!!!


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
I've heard of Gimp, but never explored it, there are so many programs out there now it's a very good idea to test them to find which one suits your needs.
I'm a big Photoshop fan, always have been, but then I like to do photomontage so this one suits my needs very well.

Digitalgran said...

Hi Linda. I love your displacement map! I've never tried Gimp either so I hava treat to come. Thanks for your comment. I, on the other hand have remembered so many things it's going to be difficult to choose.