Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January Take It Further ll

The colours said Art Deco to me (though I couldn't explain why!!) so I had a nice, brief, chat with my friend Mr Google and he came up with this:

This stained glass is by Nasreen Macdonald of, I had to wait until I'd got her permission to use the image before I could post it and in the mean time I had a play, to see how the pattern was constructed. I used Coreldraw for this:

And these are the circles that were used:

For my version I've simplified the lines and will no doubt be changing the layout for the final version, but this will be my pattern, the thinner lines will form the basis of the background quilting:

Now to choose some fabric and think about the construction/stitching!


Carmen said...

Beautiful!! i like the lines and form of the figure.

Digitalgran said...

I love the stained window and you have done wonders with it in CorelDraw. Coreldraw is a great program isn't it? I look forward to seeing the quilt.

Digitalgran said...

Hi again Linda, thanks for the comment on DG.

sharon young said...

Hi Linda
What a great interpretation. looking forward to seeeing the fabric version.

Guzzisue said...

Thanks for dropping by and yes I agree Coreldraw is a great program to play with. Really looking forward to seeing the design in fabric

Lisa Dunn said...

The stained glass picture is very pretty. I love your design. I am looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

Anonymous said...

Great beginning! I'm still in the thinking stage... this topic is hard, I think. I may wind up going with the colors, too.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Good eye on your part to realize how the design was basically interlocking circles. That totally escaped me.

Like your adaptation of the original design so far.