Thursday, February 28, 2008

February TIF Challenge (1)

This has been a strange challenge for me, one that has been enjoyable but hasn't ended up at all as I expected. I went with the theme and realised that what I was focussing on, as I tried to recall what I could remember, were places or small mental snapshots of spaces that I was familiar with.

I wanted to avoid creating a photo collage and explored the idea of creating a map, only to find that my idea was similar to other work of a far higher calibre! As I pondered what to move on to an image came into my head and no matter what else I sketched or auditioned it wouldn't go away. The strange thing is that these are NOT my colours, I have a dislike of skewed verticals and I cannot relate the image to my memories! But it wouldn't go away so I made it - I can't say I like it or that it gives me any satisfaction, but making it allowed me to finally move on!


sharon young said...

Wow! linda, what a journey, I love this piece, as soon as I saw it I was captivated and the way it evolved is truely inspirational . I hope over time you come to like it because i think it is a truely personal piece.

Unknown said...

I love it too, there's something really powerful in its simplicity.

Anonymous said...

First thing I saw, were curtains? And my eyes were rapidly drawn to the words in the middle, so I had to enlarge the picture, Inner Space. Now I want to see what else is hiding behind that curtain.

Weird I know, but it seems to me that all this mapping is your way of discovering yourself and this image is showing me that there is lot more to come.