Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How I think/work....

I enjoy reading "process posts" but it has never occurred to me to write one of my own. This isn't going to be that post - but it is the start of one!

Ideas usually come to me fully formed, in other words I 'see' the finished piece then work out how to create it. This doesn't mean that the start and finish are identical - I take liberties with the idea as I go, but this is how I begin.

I pull the colours from from my 'stash' or use an exisiting fabric and re-colour it with dye or paint to get what I want. During the same period I use Coreldraw (I'm on version 9 which we've had for an eternity but it does everthing I want!) to work out dimensions. I can see the proportions in my head but have no idea what size things actually are. I draw the shapes then use the measuring tool to check actual dimensions. There's a lot of trial and error and/or auditioning that goes on at this stage - there's little point fixing on something if I've to cut a piece of fabric 9.275" x 8.32" because it will never happen!

In this example, from my January TIF, I've tried a different orientation and used the colour palette just to check the contrast of the (approximate) intended colours.

Sometimes I take this further and mark in potential quilting lines but usually I wait until the construction is done to make those kind of decisions. If you enlarge this image you'll see that I had considered adding some lettering, but once I had the JQ under the machine it became clear that this wasn't an option. But I'm sure that it will happen at some point in the not too distant future!


magsramsay said...

I'm impressed! I use Photoshop to manipulate images but I've never thought of checking to see whether it has this grid function like Corel Draw - I'll have to investigate.
It's fascinating to see different peoples approach to design. Like you I have a picture in my head of the finished piece.I make a few notes and samples but generally record the stages after the event in my 'lab book' rather than plan. I've never been taught how to do it 'properly' as I haven't done C&G. I wonder whether that helps or inhibits those that have?

sharon young said...

Hi Linda
I wish I could see the design in advance in my head and i have a friend who does a similar process to you and tried to teach me, but it's useless, my brian just doesn't function like that.
I have an idea of what i'd like to create from the original inspiration, but that's as far as it goes, after that it's a case of bumbling along and hoping it'll work. That's why i use PS, to try and materialise what's in my head.
I had a brief encounter with CD many years ago and decided I couldn't learn 2 applications so chose PS, but i wouldn't mind seeing what it does.

Linda B. said...

Oh heck Mags - don't talk to me about properly! I love looking at sketchbooks and watching ideas develop, but have never been able to work like this. And I'd also like to be able to just 'play' directly with the materials but I am having to acknowledge the 'control-freak' in me and do what I do!!!