Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April TIF Challenge

This month's challenge is 'How do you see change?'

This immediately lifted my spirits! I'm very fortunate not to have been hit by the uncontrollable cataclysmic changes (accidents?) that can affect people. The changes in my life have been down to the normal life cycles of a family, relationships and of and at work.

Not all of these have been pleasant at the time. Some have been a matter of circumstance and some have been of my own choosing (mostly the latter in recent years). Some changes are quite distinct whereas others are a matter of evolution. Either way change brings out my "cup half-full" mentality and I can look for positives.

The best changes of all are those you can control and that also bring with them opportunities for learning and subsequent personal growth. I'd hate to envisage a time when I'm unable to bring about changes in my life, however small - I fear that I would become quite diminuished.

Enough! Where has this brought me to in terms of the challenge?

I see change and growth as circular, though not necesssarily evenly so, hence the sketch below.

Some years ago I was given a floating candle set which I've never opened because I could see the format of the packaging/shapes becoming a design layout at some point in the future. That future is now!

And the colours are part of that 'just popped into my head' moment. I've never combined these colours before but I presume I've seen something that has influenced m choice - but I can't think what, right now!!!

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sharon young said...

This latest TIF challenge is certainly making everyone think! I love your broken circle approach in the sketch, that sums up such a lot.
The colours look intriguing too. Good luck with it, Linda.