Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thin Blue Line Challenge

The Contemporary Quilt section of QGBI currently has a challenge to make a piece 120cm x 30 cm and other than the size the only stipulation is that it should have a thin blue line running horizontally across the quilt.

I made my piece very simply - it is white on white and the thin blue line is more text (I can't get enough of it at the moment). The only trouble is I've made my piece landscape and whilst I'm quite happy to FME from any angle I can't do handwriting sideways!!! I hadn't thought this physical problem through when planning the quilt so the start of the text was done very slowly with 115 cm of quilt rolled very tightly!

I'm really enjoying (even though it has been done many times before and carried out far more effectively) using the soft warm domestic 'feel' of quilting and contrasting it with messages that are quite the opposite!


sharon young said...

This sounds very exciting, Linda, can't wait to get a glimps of how it's going. That's exactly the sort of knotty problem I get myself into :-)

West Country Buddha said...

I'm glad it's working out and you're enjoying the effects of the text and cloth. I share that joy but also the pain! Doing shorthand on it's side is even worse than letters because each shape can have several meanings and I can't always remember what I've written, so when my lines get fuzzy I have to stop and check. I'm liking the effect though, even though progress is quite slow.