Thursday, May 29, 2008


The challenge for this month was "What do you call yourself and why?" and I sort of cheated by using the label 'Contemporary Quilter'. I say cheated because it's only an approximation to what I feel I am - it probably better describes what I'd like to be!!! So in putting this month's piece together I decided to show 'what I am' by using my favourite colour combination and my favourite machine stitches. I don't know how clearly it shoes in the photo but the cream area is pebble quilted, I find this a very relaxing way to fill an area.

I had intended to piece this in several sections but so liked the sketch when just the first two lines were drawn that it hasn't changed! This also reflects what I am - I've definitely got a 'less is more' mentality! I love the embellished and layered work that people make but can't do it myself, though it isn't for lack of trying!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Simple, elegant, and could be interpreted in several different ways. Is that a good description of you? ;-)

margaret said...

Spare - and rich. Lovely!

sharon young said...

Beautiful elegant lines and simple clear colours, lovely!

Anonymous said...

very elegant - and what a great label for yourself. I'll try Contemporary Quilter next time someone asks.