Saturday, September 04, 2010

FOQ 2010 – Part 3

One of the joys of the Elizabeth Barton workshop was re-discovering tracing paper – or at least the heavyweight typo paper my husband used to use at work. it was as easy as using the PC for re-positioning elements but kept the feel of your own hand as you worked.

Knowing that Elizabeth works from the landscape I found choosing images to work with difficult, as my photos tend to focus in on line and repetition. In the end I looked for common themes amongst my photos and took two collections. This is the one I chose to work with:


     image  image  image

I’ve scanned some of the sketches I did in the workshop, the crinkles are the result of mixing excitement and partially finished coffee. (Thanks Hilary for the mop-up!). By combining the rough tracings:

eb2 001 eb5 001

with photocopies at different scales and various exercises new images appeared:  

eb4 001

Some of which are quite likely to find themselves  worked up in greater detail, and may even appear as quilts in due course!

                     eb3 001eb1 001

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing your sketches. This was obviously a very valuable exercise. I definitely see you working some of these more into a finished quilt. It may have been a workshop but these are not clones of the teacher's work - very nice to see.