Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Journal Quilt

09 September

I could pretend that this was further exploration of the colour theme in black, but really it was a good opportunity to work through Kathy Loomis’s Quilt date for April showing narrow strip piecing. I love this technique, and whilst I think I would prefer to work with straight-ish lines I like the work of Alicia Merrett  who has created some wonderful map inspired pieces using fine strips.


Margaret Cooter said...

Looks very good indeed - I hope to try this technique soon! What if... the background fabric had huge polkadots....

Linda B. said...

Potato print size dots in fact ... and what if ... the squares were so big, they almost wern't visible ... or the slices formed a grid that was rigid and controlled

I knew there was a reason that I enjoyed doing this I enjoyed doing this