Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Into 2011

It’s been a busy holiday and one in which the sewing room returned to it’s original bedroom function, albeit with sewing paraphernalia around the edges of the room. My desk has never been so clear – but look under the desk and you’ll see what is waiting patiently for me to open when the family are gone and normality returns!


What I did have was some time to mull over some thoughts about 2011. It’s almost six months since I retired and i have the feeling that I’m settling into my own skin. I no longer have to ‘perform’ or be careful about how and what I say, I enjoyed the discipline of my working life, but it’s good to let go too.

This thought took me a step further and I started to think  about the difference in the way I approached my work and how I manage my stitching. I had a reputation in the day job for the rigour with which I applied myself to a project (That was the polite version!)  I know I’m into control – so why can’t I apply that to my quilting. (It seems to come out in the finished pieces –but isn’t at all apparent in the way I work) Work based projects had a deadline and, usually, an audience both of which kept me on my toes. The same could be said of quilt shows, so should I be entering more of them?   I suspect this is too anonymous for me, and I don’t have a strong competitive nature so perhaps this isn’t the answer. Being part of an exhibiting group may well work, aside from everything else there is an immediate support network and the sense of not letting people down would definitely drive me on. How I go about joining one or even setting one up myself is something I’ll have to look at.

In the meantime the ‘What if’s?’ will continue. I recently re-read an article by Bridget Riley - (Thanks Margaret for yet another stimulating link!) At one point the article refers to the power of limitations which is beginning to give me an understanding of why I’m enjoying working with just one element. It certainly appeals to the control freak in me!

So that’s the start of 2011 sorted:

        • learn how to use new sewing machine
        • push a single idea in small steps
        • become a member of an exhibiting group


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