Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've been AWOL

I've just returned from a wonderful week in St. Ives.

St. Ives, Cornwall by Joe Skinner Photography
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

I took advantage of the ArtPass which gives unlimited admission to the Tate, Newlyn Art Gallery, the Leach pottery and Barbara Hepworth's studio and garden and had a visual feast. Surprisingly one of the things I saw that left a big impression was the newly built studio at the Leach Pottery, rather than any particular piece of work:

I also took time to visit the commercial galleries and, judging by the mailing list, followed two fellow bloggers into the Porthminster gallery where I fell for the work of Sarah Perry whose ceramics captured the colours and textures of the Cornish coast.

These galleries vary so much; for me three stood out, for not only the work on display but also in their approach to potential customers. (There's a lot of grovelling out there!!!!) They were different in personality and set up but were interesting and comfortable places to expore the work on display. I think another post is needed to describe them in more detail!


Dianne Robinson said...

How wonderful to spend some time in St Ives. We've been there and been to some of the galleries. I took a look at the link for Sarah and her work is really special. I hope you took lots of photos and got some sketching done.

Julie said...

I've never been to the Leach pottery and it looks like we've missed out. Thatll be one for next year!

You're right about the ceramics, they were beautiful. I'm so sorry to have missed you in St Ives. It is our second home and I get withdrawal symptoms if we don't go every year. I always thought people who went to the same place every year were sad but I've had to eat my words since St Ives grabbed me. We do go to other places too but I have to visit St Ives every year. This time we went early because we needed a good rest. I really enjoyed the Porthminster gallery, so much to enjoy. I loved the Matthew Lanyon paintings for their texture and marks.