Thursday, September 22, 2011


Had a good day today at the NW meeting of Contemporary Quilt. The subject was Notan, the 'instruction' was low key but very informative, the company was excellent - a good day all round.

 I've played with this idea before so made a conscious effort to set my original piece on point.

This design was based on a sketch from our last day out at Plas Newydd . It simply served to re-enforce the fact that I don't particularly enjoy this type of design, particularly when the leaf below, just didn't look right as a simple reversal of the pieces. So I did as suggested in the introduction and used a pen to create the reverse.

The exploded leaf shape led in turn to these seed heads. I do like working with exploded designs and had forgotten what a good start point they are for print blocks.

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Sandra Wyman said...

Looks good - when recovered (and caught up with JQs (still have three to do)) will give this a go - did discover some videos by googling...