Thursday, December 22, 2011

Triaxial weaving

Yes, that did say weaving - if basket making hadn't been so inaccessible, in terms of information and materials, it's easily a route I could have gone down rather than the quilting route. Just take a look at these beauties for example -
Anyway, as part of my research for the next 12bythedozen challenge 'Steps' I thought that I would look at weaving, because anything other than a 'one under, one over' pattern:
Weaving texture on a golden chair
by Yorick... Attribution License

anything else produces a stepped effect. I was also convinced that it ought to be possible to create a tumbling blocks pattern using weaving, and that was where an afternoon suddenly disappeared - I discovered triaxial weaving! I couldn't find a 'how to' though this page was 'interesting' . In the end I spent a lot of time in trial and error to produce:

I can't say that I conquered the technique as there were a lot of adjustments made along the way, but there is a perverse sense of satisfaction in achieving  the end result. This is the reverse;

I don't think I'll be using this for my Steps challenge, but I had a lot of fun and it was much better than the shopping trip that has had to be postponed until a (much) later date!!!!


Dianne Robinson said...

The Botswana basket page was amazing. I have a few baskets, and will have to look at them more closely. Thanks for all the info.

forestheart said...

I have been doing triaxial weaving since the late 1980's- tiny silk ribbon weavings to large wool pieces.
It still fascinates me. The color and weave variations are very intriguing and relate to the tesselated origami work being done recently.

The best instructional book is long out of print: The Mad Weave Book by Shereen LaPlantz. I sell an instructional packet.

Mary Klotz, Frederick MD
301-663-3855 (mortifyingly out of date)

Anonymous said...

It's back in print through The Caning Shop in Berkeley, CA. See their Web site.