Saturday, January 21, 2012

Manchester Art Gallery Visit II

I also went to Manchester Art Gallery to look for inspiration for some personal study - I was on the hunt for an artist or a style that I can learn from but also something that makes my toes curl when I look at it. I began in the Contemporary gallery without seeing anything of real interest, though I did note Peter Lanyon's Built Up Coast ( - scroll down and turn your head sideways to view!)

I decided that I might have better luck in the Craft and Design gallery and in making my way there I cut through the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery and saw the work of William de Morgan - Bingo! This isn't what I expected to grab me, and as yet I can't define what it is but I now have something to work with, it'll be interesting to see what, or even if, comes from this. All I need now is for the nice people at The Book Depository (Seriously cheaper than Amazon in this instance.) to deliver the source material, paid for by Santa!


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Dianne Robinson said...

I've never seen this William's work. Even more elaborate than William Morris. Thanks for the introduction.