Thursday, May 31, 2012

12bythe dozen challenge - Fine Living

It might be perverse but whenever I thought about this challenge I thought about excess - people owning or consuming more than they need and the cost of that excess to others. From there it was a short step to thinking about the human cost of everyday objects. The list seems endless but this is where a touch of synchronicity came in. As part of a study of everyday objects for the Creative Sketchbooks course that I've been doing I'd captured some images of china ware and research that I did around tin mining for the CQ@10 challenge led me to pneumoconiosis . And yes, until relatively recently, pneumoconiosis was a common cause of premature death for the men and women who worked grinding the china clay.

The cup, bowl and plate are stenciled,  the quilted text tells of the effects of pneumoconiosis and the border is a hand dyed fabric overprinted with the light micrograph of pneumoconiosi.

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Leo said...

It's a very well thought through composition .. it shows you don't need numbers or shocking pictures to get attention for a topic - you can actually do it with a very beautiful quilt (picture)..