Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thread problems

I decided to try to some well known top stitching threads for my quilt for FOQ this year, they came highly recommended but of the three spools that I've bought one is causing me real problems. There are tiny slubs on what should be a smooth thread that cause a build up around the needle eventually tightening the tension and causing the thread to snap. Do I write off one manufacturer because of a one in three fault? (I'll be writing to them if there is any thread left at the end of the quilting!) Or do I try someone else, I think I've mentioned before that my machine seems quite fussy about which threads I use. I've a few to try yet - Mettler, Aurofil (Love the colours on the home page!) and the relative newcomer to the UK Wonderfil .

If you have a favourite, particularly if you sew with a Pfaff, I'd love to know what you use!


Sandra Wyman said...

Hi Linda - I have a Pfaff and it seems to like the cheaper rayons - the ones from asian shops (especially Natesh which is sold by
Texere) and all cottons. Loves Mettler, Sulky and Gutermann (even Gutermann metallics). WhereI've had problems a topstitch needle - recommended by Aurifil and Barnyarns seems to help. But it does sound like a duff thread - and you have the expertise to know it. Worksing on FOQ pieces myself so my sympathies are with you.

Sandy said...

Not sure what kind you have pictured. I use some from Empress Mills that looks like that on my Pfaff and have no problems. I also use Guttermann. I have some donated Sulky from when I did the Bernina garments, but they really produce alot of fluff.

For rayon, I mainly use Maderia. but buy the variagated threads from Thread Studio for a great deal of my work.

I have to really jump through alot of hoops to use Natesh that Sandra mentioned.

Came over here because of your good news posted on the 12by the Dozen blog. Well done!
Sandy in Bracknell