Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art to Stitch

Art to Stitch was a treat -  a week in the Lakes with 12 like minded people, tutored by Gillian Travis. We were staying in the recently restored Rydal Hall and were sent out to take photos from which we would later paint and stitch. It didn't take long for me to realise that:

                      a) I'd taken the wrong photos (No foreground interest!)
                      b) I don't like green
                      c) the stitch was a lot easier than the art!

Eventually I branched out and pulled some colour in, using other images that were to hand and was a lot happier with the results. It took me some time to get to grips with acrylic paint on canvas but the struggle has been worth while as, now back home, I have a piece drying at the moment that I'm quite happy with so far. Mind you  it's only a quarter done so there's plenty of time for me to change my mind! The following pieces were all made on a single length of canvas that we can turn into a book, which will become both a learning tool and a reminder of a great week!

Neither of these appealed to me, and they both need more stitch. I think that if I want literal I'll stick to the photo, though I was rather pleased with the post on the right! Two colours of fabric and two different threads produced a reasonable semblance of 3D.

Then I began to get to grips with the paint, there was less to focus on with these leaves - much more suitable for my struggling brain!

And at last some colour! This tree was based on a card that Gillian had bought in Ambleside, the tree was stitched from an internet image.

And this whacky bird was copied and adapted from a small stamp that Gillian had brought along with her - he made me smile:


Dianne Robinson said...

I love your little tree. It sounds as though it was a very inspiring course.

creart said...

I loved the little tree too and the bird. What a lovely idea. I found your blog today. Greetings from Montevideo - Uruguay. Ale