Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank you ...

... for taking the time to comment and the helpful suggestions.

I should have explained that gathering the images was an exercise done for a class a few years ago, though I've not done anything with them since. Towards the end of last year it occurred to me that all my recent work has been made in response to someone else's ideas, thoughts or challenges. So although I can understand your comment about jumping in and letting the work inspire me Sheila I need to build myself a bit of a framework to work within as I go it alone!

Leisbeth, you are right, I know you are right - I narrowed my collection of inspiring images down to these collages by writing but how the idea of it worries me. I think I was frightened off writing first by my english teacher at school and then much later (After Microsoft's grammar checker had done more for me than that teacher ever did!) when I had an encounter with Julia Cameron's daily pages.

But now is a good time to try what for me is a different approach, so away with the keyboard and out with the pen. And thanks again for, hopefully, taking me on to the next stage ....

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah! And good luck. I suppose my comment was as much about my own blocks as anything. I sit and wait and stare and fear going into the studio and generally nothing happens. But if I just make a move, any move, often things will come together so quickly it is scary! I also understand though, that if you are making this commitment of time and money for the class, it would be nice to be working with something that really resonates, will feel like worth your time and effort. You'll find it!