Friday, March 01, 2013

Twelve by the dozen - Encore

Phew - I don't think I've ever been so close to a deadline - this piece was posted just before mid-night, but it's another thing ticked off my list. What I'm most pleased about is that I didn't have to compromise my original idea to get the work finished, though the dish blocks aren't quite in the place I intended!

This is the final challenge in this round so for 'Encore' we were invited to re-visit a previous piece that we'd made. I returned to my Fine Living piece. The sentiment that that piece brought to the fore has niggled at me and continues to wander around in my mind. Then I thought of the quilt block name 'Broken Dishes' and thought of the broken lives of the clay miners and others who work in desperate conditions so that we can have our 'Home Comforts'.

The piece was created in the same way as Fine Living:

The quilt was then cut apart and put back together again to create a broken dish! The green fabric is quilted with free writing on the whole subject of poor working conditions from slavery to migrant workers picking veg. in the UK, from the clay workers of the original piece to sweated labour in the textile industry. There is the opportunity for me to work on this further - sadly the examples of poor labour conditions seem never to end.

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