Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Journal Quilts

The cq jq's are slightly different this year in that apart from the prescribed size and layout - 12" x 8" in landscape format, the only other constraint is a theme of your own choosing.

As I chose my theme in January I cannot rember the exact wording, only that the JQ's would be journals of each month - something that I've never done before. I also decided that I would try to incorporate paint  on each one.

Unfortunately I was so busy at the start of the year that I've had to depend on my diary and rough notes to create January to April:

As is often the case  with these things - what you think you are going to learn isn't what you find out. I learned far more about thread than paint from these four pieces!


Digitalgran said...

This is a lovely idea for journal quilts.

Sandra Wyman said...

Love these!

Margaret Cooter said...

Super! Nothing needs to be added and nothing can be taken away...