Friday, August 16, 2013

Where is August going?

They say time goes by faster as you get older, something to do with the percentage of your life each unit of time represents, but it feels as though someone has pulled August from under my feet! But at least I can account for the time, even if it isn't about my stitching.

First there was this - the arrival of the lovely, new Mrs. Bilsborrow:

And then there was this:

Not the best of photos, but enough to remind me of FOQ 2013, my first as a somewhat trepidacious Trustee.  One of the first things I learned, on becoming a Trustee earlier this year, is how little I know - but fortunately I quickly learned where the winning quilt was, how to direct people to the tombola (And the cash machine!) and I even managed to recruit some new members. Best of all - it was fun! I loved talking and listening to people, so many have interesting stories to tell. Having limited time to see the quilts meant that I became quite focused and I find that my memories of what I did see are the better for it.

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