Saturday, January 04, 2014

Playing with my Christmas plate

Like lots of people I met at K&S show at Harrogate I bought my own Christmas present on behalf of my other half. And, if there were a top ten of presents for contemporary quilters I guess a Gelliplate would have been high on the list and I'm no different. I've always enjoyed mono-printing whenever I've dabbled but didn't necessarily see a place for it in my work, but the idea of creating my own textured fabric does appeal and it's something I've seen a lot of since the advent of the Gelliplate.

However the random, chuck everything at it to see what happens approach wouldn't suit me. Even though this was my first attempt I needed a structure so I went shopping:-

And add myself some stamps:

I used a, commercially printed, very pale mottled grey fabric and printed and removed colour. I used the stamps that I'd removed the colour with to add colour back in, but all the time worked with the same Prussion Blue acrylic. (It was rather old paint and splashed across the plate on more than one occasion!) But I learned a lot, mainly about how little paint you need, but also about not leaving thread ends trailing across the plate!


Needless to say my favourite piece was the one that I put on the plate as I was spraying it to clean it at the end of the session. I thought there was very little paint left until the water droplets started to move the colour around:

I now have a batch of fabrics for my 2014 JQ's and am looking forward to my next session when the colour mixing begins!


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