Friday, March 14, 2014

Keeping up with the Journal Quilts

It's March and I'm still keeping up to date with my CQ Journal Quilts - the first time for a while!

Using my Gelliplate printed fabrics has made this interesting for me, but I need to print some more for April onwards.  More often than not when I've been printing I put my fabrics to one side, that 'Too nice to cut up' mentality kicks in and then they become too special and lurk in the back of the cupboard. So this time, knowing that I wanted to use them for the JQ's I cut them into pieces before they went into the cupboard. That way I was (Mentally at least!) using up my scraps which I always find more interesting any way!!!




I've just noticed a variation in the blues in these photos that isn't true, GIMP or another session with the camera???????


The Idaho Beauty said...

I have the same problem with fabric I've stamped or done some other surface design to - I can only see them as a whole which often limits my ability to actually use them. I can see from this how cutting them up can lead to more interesting pieces than using them as a whole. Now to get brave & start wielding that rotary cutter!

Linda B. said...

I was only a bit brave ... I quartered my pieces rather than going as small as I'd eventually need!

Maggi said...

These really do work well together. I gave up being too precious about my fabric a long time ago and now just love using up the things that I made. Gives me the chance to go and make some more!