Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shelley Rhodes Workshop

I was fortunate to be able to attend a workshop run by NWCQ, a physical branch of the almost virtual Contemporary Quilt Group . The workshop was led by Shelley Rhodes and called  'j u s t    o n e   t h i n g '

I like Shelley's work but it  is so far from anything I've ever done that I was either going to love or loather my day. Fortunately I loved it and I can see the exercises that we did becoming part of my practice. Shelley was both giving and patient which removed the workshop paralysis that I often experience, though I did struggle during the second half of the day In some respects there was little that was totally new but the presentation and variety of exercises all slotted together and made sense. For a literal person like me, it was an extremely free-ing day. You can see the small bundle of letters that I used as my 'one thing' to the the right of this set of exercises:

Rather than loose the impetus by putting my materials away until I could find time, I've selected the bits that best represent what we did and have created myself a reference book. But the element that I will definitely be exploring sooner rather than later are these marks:

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