Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using time productively

I make lists - on paper, on ToDoist, and more recently I've been trialling Nirvana but there are days, usually when I have a lot of time, that I seem to get less satisfaction from the days work than I'd expect of myself.

Yesterday was a case in point. I've three large-ish quilts that are nearing completion but are frustrating me for different reasons. Yesterday I decided to add more quilting to the one that I used an experimental grid pattern on and then I decided that I didn't like. If I'd written that down as an item on my list it would have read 'do quilting' and I'd have done what I did and added the extra quilting, but somehow the time spent sewing felt as though it had had no impact on my work.

I'm a starter not a finisher so whilst I love starting new projects and thinking about starting new projects I actually get a lot more self-satisfaction when I finish things.

So from now items like yesterdays quilting will be written differently, instead of  'do quilting' it will be recorded as 'Finish quilting' (Even though I
may not even have started it!!!) and I'm going to see if I can create more completion goals to up my sense of using my time purposefully!


Maggi said...

Isn't it amazing how changing just one word can make a world of difference?

Linda B. said...

Not just that one word makes such a difference but in spite of reading about target setting, I have to feel it to understand it!