Friday, May 23, 2014

Too busy to blog?

The answer to that is very much a yes and a no. I've been busy but I've not been busy quilting, and not because of lack of time. I just don't seem to be able to summon up the motivation to continue quilting. So what do you do when you're going through the doldrums?
In my case I've been making pieces for the next 10+ exhibition - Unfortunately when I came to mount my work today I discovered that a couple of the frames I'd planned to use are slightly damaged. I've had them in the house for several weeks so I can't be sure when the damage occurred so I'm going to have to write them off, I just hope I can get replacement frames quickly! So instead of a picture of the work here is one of the cards I've made to sell alongside my quirky bird pictures, which are being re-named 'too fat to fly' in my head!


Cathy Daniel said...

'Too fat to fly' ! Love it! Actually love most of what I've seen on your blog. Nice and varied, but all really creative and lovely. xCathy

Linda B. said...

Thanks Cathy - a bit of mutual admiration then. I recognised your name from the work I've seen in the Quilt Museum in York!