Saturday, February 14, 2015

A drive through heavy mist into Yorkshire ...

.. took me to a meeting with members of Etcetera at The African Fabric Shop, luckily for us owner Magie Relph is a fellow member! You can read more about Etcetera on Helen's blog here
It's a group with an enormous depth and variety of talent and I count myself lucky to have been invited to join them when we started out several months ago.  In spite of the talent within the group none of us have exhibited greatly and that is the focus of the group.
Today's meeting consisted of stitching, eating Helen's wonderful cakes, discussing our first exhibition to be held later this year, leaving Magie a little shorter of stock and generally being inspired by the exchange of conversation. I'm off to stitch whilst the buzz is still with me - though that may have been the excellent coffee!

L-R Isobel and Magie are Etcetera members, Bob and Frank aren't

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