Friday, April 03, 2015

2015 Journal Quilts

I'm more than a bit cross with myself that I've reached April and not begun my Journal Quilts for 2015! I'm blaming it on the weather - it still feels like January here.
A while ago I decided to use some fabric that I'd coloured whilst on the CQ Retreat in February but was struggling to get started.
Today whilst my room was still tidy from a short spell as guest bedroom I pulled out the fabrics and began to cut. I'd thought that I'd put together a couple of backgrounds to help catch up but became so interested in using sections with interesting marks that I didn't stop until I'd done all twelve backgrounds.
What made this more interesting, but more challenging is that the NW CQ group are working to a landscape theme and I know that several members are using this theme for their JQ's too.  I'm not interested in pictorial but the colours I was working with are representational and some of the marks were too good to resist. So now I have twelve backgrounds which nod sufficiently towards the landscape for me to feel quite pleased with myself.
It's my intention to catch up as soon as I can with the first four then I'll pull one background out each month to work on with a mixture of hand and machine stitching, depending on what the fabric says!


t r a c y f o x said...

Love the colours and patterns Linda. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

t r a c y

magsramsay said...

Scrumptious! Apart from my 'Rydal' JQ I'm really struggling at the moment, particularly as I'm in the process of sorting packing up my studio

Maggi said...

Love the backgrounds and such a good idea to have all the backgrounds prepared in advance. Just finished my first three but I'm really struggling with this year's format.