Thursday, October 29, 2015

Time to play again

On a recent break to Cambridge I saw an un-labelled piece of pottery that really caught my eye. Looking at a list of ceramicists that the gallery sells I think it may have been a piece by Tony Laverick. The excitement stayed with me and I've been making small pieces ever since:

There are plenty of influences at work here, a friend recently commented on how often I have a solid piece of fabric on the left hand side of my work. I'd be extremely flattered if you saw a similarity with Lisa Call's work but that is unintentional. Lisa's work is a reflection of the colours of her landscape whereas for me the original pot and these pieces are about control and restraint. Even that left hand 'margin' is about stability, holding things together.
But mainly my starting piece was my recall (Incorrect, as it turns out.) of this little, more figurative, piece I made several years ago:

But whatever the influences I'm having fun playing and developing this idea. I need to stop stitching long enough to photograph the growing pile of other pieces and to consider whether they would would  work on a larger scale.
One added bonus of playing at this small 6" square size is that I think I may have found a way of frame mounting that is both neat and relatively simple!!!

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Heather Dubreuil said...

I think your best work has always had a simplicity, even severity, to it, Linda. I think your aesthetic is essentially minimalist, as is mine, although I am often attracted to other's more embellished approaches.