Saturday, March 26, 2016

What do Rayna Gillman and Coreldraw have in common?

A conversation with Sandra Wyman today came round to a discussion about a class that Sandra had taken with Rayna Gillman. I've always appreciated her work so was keen to hear more. Except that Sandra has pointed out that her class was with Susan Brandeis not Rayna Gillman, though we did talk about Rayna, and memory loss!! It was obviously a class that Sandra felt that she'd both enjoyed and benefited from including, almost as an aside, learning to use thumbnail sketches to develop an idea. Sandra even had her sketchbook with her to demonstrate the point - so simple, half a dozen pen sketches on a page exploring line, scale, position and other variations. Wow, I thought, I can do that. Every piece of work has several iterations before reaching a conclusion but recording them in this way is both easy and relatively quick.
Then driving home it occurred to me that I already do something very similar using Coreldraw. It doesn't work for all my quilts, but as I become increasingly interested in how you can affect a space by the way you sub-divide it or add shapes to play with the negative space then Coreldraw makes the thumbnail sketch idea very easy indeed:

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