Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are you a starter of a finisher?

They say most people fall into one or other category - these days I can do a bit of both but what I'm definitely not is a maintainer! I love starting things and can even finish them when a deadline is near, even self imposed deadlines. But ask me to do routine stuff and my brain just goes into resistance mode, and so it has been with my website. Even though I have set a reminder to update my website on a regular basis, it has been gathering dust to the extent that I was shocked by how dated some of the work on it was. But no more! I'm now up to date with some work in the wings ready for the next time. The update took such a relatively short time to do I don't think I'll be putting it off for quite so long again!


magsramsay said...

Well done you!! Mine is a
bout 3 years out of date....

The Idaho Beauty said...

Looks great! I really enjoyed going to the galleries and looking at groups of your quilts together. Just following your blog I don't always get a sense of how individual pieces relate to others. I really like what you have done, your particular voice as it were.