Friday, September 16, 2005

A Slightly Different Round Robin

I belong to a house group and we're a mixed bunch as far as our quilting goes, but the one thing we share is a willingness to stretch ourselves.
As I mentioned before we started with a traditional medallion style round robin as a means of finding out what worked and what didn't, in terms of time scales and rules. Then we made blocks on a theme, this was probably better because we had fewer rules - just the theme chosen by each group member, see 'Seven Go to India'. Then we made a strip quilt with no rules - only the strip made by the quilt owner to guide us. Strangely enough that was more conservative than the previous one and we've all ended up with good quilts but with fairly predictable results.
The current challenge is much more demanding. We've each chosen a photo, which has been cut into pieces and we are re-creating those pieces in whatever scale the recipient chooses. The original idea was that the photos would be 'interpreted' rather than 're-created' but we're moving at the pace of the majority so that's O.K.
This is one of the photo sections, it is 2" (5cm) square:

I happened to have seen a photo of the full image, since I made my block, so I know that it is from an Art Deco panel. This is my finished 8" (20cm) square:


Karoda said...

ARRRGH...I only see red Xs where the images should be. But I love that idea of slicing up one photo for folks to work on. Cool idea.

Karoda said...

okay, i can see the images the colour arrangement, especially the chartruesey looking colours.

Unknown said...

I came back to look at this photo cause like Karoda the colors intrigued me....such a beautiful block ....I look forward to the finished piece...and also I wanted to say HI!! to you over here on this page all by your lonesome...hopefully you will have some company soon...Ginger