Friday, November 04, 2005

Autumn Postcard Challenge

I offered to organise a postcard challenge for Region13 of the Quilters Guild, the theme would be autumn and the deadline for posting - Nov 5th. That was set on the second Saturday of October and here I am on Nov 4th, nearly but not quite, finished. So what happened? No ideas, that's what - not one, lots of colours in my head but no way of putting them together. In desperation I "Googled" and found a wood cut of leaves falling on a whirling background that I thought I could use. That was last weekend, last night I was almost done but honesty prevailed - I didn't like it at all. Tonight I got home from work knowing that I had only this evening to make the thing and presto - a rich collage of autumn colour. I was so anxious to try something new that I'd lost the thing that makes autumn so special to me - the gorgeous colour, even here in rain sodden England!

(And I got to try out some of the quilting that I used on my last project!)


Felicity Grace said...

Ooh - that's absolutely gorgeous! I think it shows that you enjoyed doing this.

Jenny Bear said...

Love the colours and shapes - now postcards I think I could do!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Nice to get some UK visitors... The groups I've found have mostly been USA based. The Simple Still Life group is always open to new visitors I think. Just click on the logo on my blog and request to sign up.