Sunday, November 27, 2005

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!!!!!

Those of you who pop by occasionally may have noticed the silence! My husband had a hip-replacement op. ten days ago. That went well but visiting left no time for quilting, blogging or any else. Now he is home and not requiring quite as much tlc as I expected but I've come down with an almighty cold and am dividing my time between doing what is necessary for him and keeping out of the way so that he doesn't catch it!

I have no doubt that life will return to as normal as it ever was before too long!


Felicity Grace said...

Nice to see you back Linda! Hope your DH is recovering well. My Dad had a hip replacement and it was no exaggeration to say it changed his life!

Debra said...

Welcome to the blogring!! I'm following Diane's suggestion and reading through the ring from the back forward. Now, excuse me while I catch up on your blog.

(god I hate all this word verification with blogger...)