Friday, April 21, 2006

A germ of an idea...

I'm taking part in a postcard swap with a Vintage theme. It must have been an aberration - I don't 'do' vintage and I don't remember committing myself to the swap but my name is there in black and white! So I began to trawl the web for anything vintage that hadn't been done by other members of the group and came across some vintage dress patterns. I love the designs of the early 30's and thought I could work with them. The picture below is of one in progress:

But amongst the images of 'vintage' patterns I also found this:

Vintage???? My Mum made me a dress and trousers from this pattern in the 60'ss. I thought I looked so cool. But then other memories came flooding back. Like many child of the 50's my clothes were all home made. What I want to do is create a piece using the style of pattern pieces but with sayings from those tailoring days in place of the instructions on the patterns.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh yes, we were VERY cool, or rather, oh so mod!

I did all the sewing as my mom didn't think she had the talent (not entirely correct), so I made stuff like this for me and nudged her towards shorter skirt lengths since I was doing the hemming.