Saturday, September 09, 2006

"What is your definition of raw edges?"

Anne asked "What is your definition of raw edges?"

Oh dear, is there more than one definition? And thinking about it in the wider sense I know there is, but being the narrow minded person I am, I was actually referring to seams.

Imagine reverse applique Linda Straw style, you stitch with your pattern from the back, you turn over to the front and cut away the excess fabric and finally you satin stitch over the stitching line and enclose those raw edges.

If you miss out the satin stitching - that's my idea of raw edges. I love the definition it gives to seams and the slightly course effect of the finish.

Equally when I'm putting small pieces of fabric together, I'll put them side by side, overlapping slightly and scribble stitch over the join, rather than using a 1/4" seam on the reverse.

My biggest raw edge gamble came last year when I quilted the edge of the three layers of a quilt fairly closely then simply squared it off with the rotary cutter and left it unbound! It worked for me :-}

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Anne Wigfull said...

Aha! It seems you aren't the only one with a narrow outlook, Linda! I frequently use the reverse applique a la Linda Straw, Susan Brittingham et al, but it had never occurred to me to leave the stitching un-zigzagged. Probably because I always cut too close to the stitching and bits fall off :}}, but now you mention it this is the nearest definition of raw edging.