Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Never mind the art - take a look at the gallery

I had to be in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Sunday for a meeting. There was some time left between the end of the meeting and the departure of my train which I had thought I would use to look at some of the exhibits, but I couldn't focus. And the reason for that was the building itself - it was so full of energy and confidence!! I could not take my eyes off it.

The one piece of contemporary pottery that I did take in is now lost on me, because I made absolutely no notes about it's origins. Looks like a return trip is in order.


Barbara Cheeseman said...

You're right, Linda. Who needs exhibits?

Anonymous said...

Wittering Rainbow said Ah, Brum museums and art galleries - you've just reminded me to visit them again and I will check out the ceilings too. I know what you mean though, I went to Oxford recently to visit the Pitt Rivers and got waylaid by the beautiful architecture of the Oxford museum itself.

margaret said...

Would that bit of pottery have been a big round stripey jar (probably the biggest bit of contemporary pottery there)? If so, it's by David Roberts, raku-meister of Yorkshire -- I used to live up the road from his studio, before he became Very Famous and had work in museums!