Sunday, February 25, 2007

My latest round robin

I think of all the round robins we've done, this is the one people seem to have enjoyed the least. The idea isn't new, we each chose an image which was cut up and the pieces shared amongst us to be be interpreted in fabric.Unfortunately, the first picture had little to interpret and so set the tone for realism that has sustained through each different quilt.
For some, choosing the original image caused too much anxiety, others haven't liked the returned blocks. I'd hoped that it might force me into the unknown but it didn't - I've painted and layered fabric a little more than usual to get a desired colour or texture but I haven't been as creative as I'd like to be. Even though I like my quilt, in retrospect I realise that I have learned little from the exercise.

I chose a painting by Alfred Wallis of St. Ives. I'm not a great fan of his but I do like St. Ives and thought his painting caught the ad hoc development of this area by the harbour. I haven't posted the original image in case it contravenes copyright but this is how my piece looks at the moment. I have pieced the sections together but not quited it yet. Each section is just over 5" wide and about 30" long.

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