Friday, February 29, 2008

February TIF Challenge (2)

I'm delighted with this month's TIF challenge, though not with the final piece - I still have that map in me somewhere! BUT for the first time ever, I had an idea, I transferred a couple of images to fabric and then I played with them straight on to the fabric. This probably sounds sadly unexciting but for me - to be able to play with the placement of the photos, then make some marks with my water soluable pen and go straight to the machine is a huge step. Whether that turns out to be a step forward or backward only time will tell!!

Once again I've had colour reproduction problems, lack of day light is the main thing, though it wasn't quite dark when I drove home today so there's hope around the corner! This was made on slightly offwhite fabric with greyscale images:

And just in case you're worried that the shadows represent any deep dark secrets from my past, don't be, I just had an immense curiosity about them as a child!


Vicki W said...

Very, very nice!

Digitalgran said...

I think it's lovely and very elusive. It also makes you think! The little girl is you? That lampost looked huge when you were a child. Lovley

The WestCountryBuddha said...

I think this is cracking! Love the image with the "big people" standing in the background. Very thought provoking!

Sandra Wyman said...

A really atmospheric piece: I've also enjoyed reading about the stages in its development. My piece (which will be late) has some similar ideas but will be very different.

Unknown said...

this is beautiful, wistful - I enjoyed reading about the process- it's so exciting the way the challenges are leading people down new paths.

Jacqui said...

Oh dear I am psychoanalysing again. Must admit, I did think that the image looked a bit sinister but then you thought that too!

Then I saw that the child is in a little world of her own. The whole picture looks like a maze but the lamplight is only given off a dim light so we can't see the whole picture clearly. The shadows are the adults who loom over the child but are not really part of her world.

Ok, maybe, I am going too far with this but it really is a powerful image.

Barbara Cheeseman said...

Hi Linda
I'm nominating you for a special award, as a blog "which brings you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere!"
Sew1knit2 nominated me and i have to list 10 more blogs and let the writers know. So you may do the same if you like, but it is a bit time-consuming!
I do like the way you are recording all your struggles with TIF lately!

sharon young said...

This is a great piece, Linda, full of thought provokng content. The images have worked really well, and your spontaneous approach really shows in this piece.