Saturday, July 19, 2008


You can tell it's near the end of term as posts get few and far between. Add to that the fact that I'm doing Sharon Bogon's Studio Journal course on-line, life is a bit busy!
This week I've been play ing with as part of the course. I started with a map

then played
and played
and played (Do I see beetles here?)

and played.

It's interesting to see the impact of changing the balance of the colours. This is also the second time on this course I've seen the potential of a completely new colour scheme which is good because I do like what I know!

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sharon young said...

Hi linda
You're right about the colour thing, I was really surprised when I started to analyse colours schemes properly for my latest C&G module just how interesting an complicated the balancing act is.
But I still wonder whether I don't get a better more relaxed result when I do it by instinct.
It's amazing what you've done with the map, the second to last image is lovely.