Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Words, words, words

Some time ago I said, very emphatically, that I could never imagine designing a quilt based on a title - I saw it as an evil necessity for entering a quilt into a show or competition. But, as a side effect of doing the Studio Journal course, I've come to the conclusion that the very next thing I need to do, to develop what could be a series of quilts, is to think about the words behind the quilts and, wash my mouth out with soap and water, their titles. Lesson learned? Never say never, you just don't know what might happen.

And on the subject of words you may have come across Wordle it's been around and used in education for a while but has recently hit the stitching blog world. You type or copy and paste some text onto the webpage and it come up with a graphic showing the frequency of words used. I decided to copy the text from my most recent blog entries, and was amazed at how dominant the words work and time are - definitely a lesson to be learned here.


Nathalie G. said...

wordle is fun to use.
I made a journalcover with a "wordle" transfer,I have a picture of it in my blog.
I like reading your blog.


sharon young said...

What a great little widget, I think I'll have yo have a go at this.
Glad you changed your mind about the title thing, I think it's rather nice to have a title with your work.

Val said...

I always named my Quilt AFTER I had made it, if I was entering into a Show, and making a Quilt for a Themed Challenge was always an inspiration, so I am so pleased you changed your mind - isn't it wonderful how we learn and grow all the time... love the Wordle too - must have a look at that. Val PS I think elasticated swimsuits must have been around a long while!!

Lisa Call said...

Thinking about the words behind what motivates our art is really an enriching exercise. Good for you for not getting stuck by your previous statement and going ahead and trying this.